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Timothy Cobb Fine Arts offers an array of services in keeping with respected world-wide practices.

Timothy Cobb Fine Arts helps support high school age artists in areas of tuition and special projects. Please enquire via email. Scholarships are available to those with extraordinary talent, and to families in need.

We buy paintings and frames in nearly any condition, and also consider antiques, collectibles, and decorative arts. Give us a call to let us know what you will be bringing into the gallery. A photo in advance of your visit always helps. Please know we canít invest in everything that comes to us.

Should you like to sell a painting, and for some reason it is not a fit for our galleries, we will act as your selling agent to help maximize the potential in your work of art. TCFA enjoys a network of dealers, collectors, and auction houses in the United States, Britain, and Europe.

Timothy Cobb will personally help train your eye, guide in discrimination of taste, and build a fine art collection you can share with your family and friends, or the world at large. We act as purchasing agents with galleries, dealers, auction houses, and private collectors.

We subscribe to the latest available information that aids in the identification of the rarity and value of your art, based on accumulated records of universal sales. Considerations include the renown of the artist, size, subject, condition, authenticity of signatures, provenance, and overall collectability.

We offer fee-based verbal and written appraisals, and specialize in creating documents of valuation for insurance purposes. Should you be ready to act philanthropically, we may be retained as a liaison between you and your chosen institution, and advise in areas of valuation and tax deductibility.

We can help determine just the right place in your home to display your art. We are expert in providing lighting to bring out the best of qualities in your piece. Our engineer has decades of experience. No task is too big, or too small.

Private and Corporate Leasing
Should you like to lease and rotate paintings rather than purchasing from our galleries, agreements can be drawn specifically to the needs of both private and corporate clients.

Framing and Conservation
We have a growing collection of antique and vintage frames. In addition, our agent provides consultation and preparation of new frames that best fit your art and personal taste.

Mr. Cobb is accomplished in determining restoration and conservation needs of paintings of any era and condition. Our gifted technician lends skill and expertise in bringing your art back to its original beauty.